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SMALTIS winner of the Franche-Comté entrepreneurship Network

The Entrepreneurship Network is a network of business leaders who assist new entrepreneurs


Its mission is to contribute significantly to the success of new entrepreneurs, creators of jobs and wealth. 

The chief function of the Entrepreneurship Network is:

- support from business leaders. The commitment of these business leaders within the Entrepreneurship Network is driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and their desire to pass it on to new entrepreneurs, in a spirit of economic citizenship. The members volunteer their time to study projects, participate in start-up committees, support the winners and enliven their organisation...which represents more than 70,000 volunteer hours per year.

-  financing in the form of unsecured loans, particularly beneficial for their leverage effect on other funding, especially from banks.


Since its creation in 1986, the Entrepreneur Network has supported more than 5,000 creators and buyers of SMEs, and contributed to the creation or maintenance of 50,000 jobs. More than 8 companies in 10 are still in business after 5 years.

93% of surveyed prize winners describe themselves as satisfied or very satisfied with the support of the Entrepreneurship Network (FIFG 2011 survey).  


For more information on the Entrepreneurship Network, click here.