Gene deletion

Our tools allow us to delete either a gene (CDS) or any specific DNA sequence giving the possibility of severak applications such as:

      - The study of the functionality of a gene or protein of interest
      - The identification of gene regulation pathways
Example of achivements:

      - Constructuion of a strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which is avirulent and sensitive to antibiotics by deleting the whole set of mechanisms of resistance to antibiotics (efflux system, enzymes, membrane modification genes) and mechanisms of virulence (secreted and structural factors) from the wild-type strain PAO1.

Deleted mechanisms of resistance classified by family:
      - Efflux systems: MexAB, MexXY, MexCD, MexEF, MuxABC
      - Enzymes: AmpC, APH3’llb
      - Membrane modification system: ArnBCDATEF

Deleted mechanisms of virulence:
      - Elastase: LasA, LasB, AprA
      - Exotoxin: ToxA, ExoS, ExoT and ExoY
      - Flagellum: FliEFG
      - Phospholipase C: PlcH
      - Type IV Pilus: PilQ
      - Rhamnolipid: RhlA
      - Quorum Sensing: PqsA, RhlIR, LasIR
      - Lectin: LecA, LecB

List of available mutants:

Simple mutants:
      - PAO1∆mexXY
      - PAO1∆mexAB
      - PAO1∆mexCD 
      - PAO1∆mexEF
      - PAO1∆ampC
      - PAO1∆aph
      - PAO1∆muxABC
      - PAO1∆arnBCDATEF-ugd
      - PAO1∆fliEFG
      - PAO1∆pilQ
      - PAO1∆exoS
      - PAO1∆exoT
      - PAO1∆exoY
      - PAO1∆toxA
      - PAO1∆plcH
      - PAO1∆rhlA
      - PAO1∆pqsA
      - PAO1∆pcrVHpopBD
      - PAO1∆rhlIR

      - PAO1∆lasIR
      - PAO1∆lecA
      - PAO1∆lecB

Complex mutants (several inactivated genes) are also available. Feel free to contact us to get the complete list.

      - Construction of a BL21 E. coli strain, deleted in DE3 phage-sequence
Available Mutant: BL21∆DE3

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