In vivo model

In partnership with the company Skinexigence, specialized in the evaluation of dermo-cosmetic products in vivo, SMALTIS offers a comprehensive service allowing you to test, on a group of healthy volunteers, the clinical impact of your cosmetic products or various ingredients, as well as their effects on the cutaneous bacterial flora.

Our method:

The proximity of both companies and the complementarity of our skills have enabled us to combine biometric measurements (fringe projection, photography, thermography, videocapillaroscopy, laser Doppler imager, ultrasound scan, etc.) and characterization of the microbiota.

Volunteers are selected according to your criteria (age, skin type, degree of hydration, etc.), and then they undergo biometric tests and microflora samples. These tests are systematically performed by the same microbiologist and processed in a limited timeframe, allowing us to ensure the reproducibility and reliability of the results.
The composition of the bacterial flora of each sample is then identified by high throughput sequencing of 16S ribosomal RNA gene.

For each project, we decide, in collaboration with the customer, which study model will enable us to obtain the most significant results. For any further information request, feel free to contact us or download our brochure. FICHE_Assessement_of_cutanaous

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Ex vivo model