After the identification, the accurate caracterisation of your micro-organisms is the second step required for all your analyses. Indeed, the features of the strains used in your R&D projects will determine your results as well as your interpretation. To know better the strains you will study, we offer you at SMALTIS our services to determine their phenotypic (e.g. Morphological, Physiological, Metabolic and Resistance phenotype to antibiotics) and genotypic characteristic.

Our Methods: 

      Determination of Morphological caracterictics

The study of a micro-organism’s morphology allows us to check how pure a strain is. It is based on the study of colonies and cells’ morphology. From your strains, we at SMALTIS perform:

- The morphological study of colonies is a macroscopic study (bare eye) allowing to observe the colony’s characteristics namely:
      . The shape (round, whole, wavy, thready, …)
      . The size
      . The colour
      . The aspect (sticky, thread, …)
      . The smell

- The morphological study of cells is a microscopic study which can be perform straight or a cell coloration. It allows to observe:

      . The cell form (spherical, cylindric, spiral, wrapped or thread)
      . The gathering mode (in chain like streptococcus, in group like staphylococcus, …)
      . The size
      . The presence of spore
      . The motility

      Determination of Physiological and Metabolic characteristics

Because each micro-organism has its own biochemical characteristics, at SMALTIS we offer you to identify them for each of your species by:
      . Culture on specific growth media
      . The performance of various biochemical tests (e.g. API galleries)
      . The realisation of growth curves according to different parameters (temperature, oxygen, pH)
      . The assessment of their propensity to make biofilm in a microplate.

Theses services can be done with your yeast and/or mold strains.

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Our services:

Identification of Microorganisms
Evaluation of antibiotic resistance
Measurement of virulence factors