SMALTIS is an innovative biotechnological company, which helps public and private laboratories to accomplish their R&D projects by offering a wide range of tools in microbiology, molecular biology and cellular biology. At SMALTIS, we can perform standard services as well as tailor-made services in response to specific research projects. To do so, our company relies on the strong research capacities of its team and three technical platforms (microbiology, molecular biology, and cellular biology), creating a diversified and certified “toolbox”. Through its R&D department, the scientific and operational knowledge at SMALTIS is continually growing to meet the highest standards of customer expectations.

SMALTIS is a perfect blend of rigour, precision, efficiency, reactivity and adaptability, which will allow you to speed up your R&D or preclinical programs.
A bit of history …

     Registered in Besançon as an official business on April 11th, 2014; SAS SMALTIS was founded by Sophie Guénard and Cédric Muller, two PhD holders in Life and Health sciences from the University of Franche-Comté. The co-founders gave birth to this business creation project after numerous requests for scientific collaborations at the time of their doctoral training. Their participation to the virtual business creation contest “Les Entrepreneuriales 2012” for which they were awarded the blue ribbon, allowed them to be aware of a growing service market and they made the subsequent choice to become business owners. The admission to the Incubator of Innovative Business of Franche-Comté in January 2013 was a turning point for the company. What they first considered to be a multi-service business restricted to bacteriology and molecular biology soon turned into company whose objective is to establish itself as the leader in the field of bacterial genetic engineering by marketing tomorrow’s biotechnological tools. In order to achieve it, SMALTIS began at the beginning of 2014 a research program, named “Green Bug”, whose main objective is to develop an alternative bacterial host, utterly avirulent in nature, sensitive to antobiotics and nondiffusible derived from the well-known opportunistic pathogen “Pseudomonas aeruginosa”. SMALTIS seeks to create a new biological system, similar to a Swiss knife, to which we may be free to add several biological functions. Various applications could then be considered for this new tool, such as the synthesis of practical composites (medicines, biofuels, polymers, etc.) or the deterioration of toxic or polluting materials.

Evolving SMALTIS:

      February 2018: Renewal of the CIR Agrement
      January 2018: Certified with ISO 9001:2015
      December 2017: Recruitment of Mélanie Grosjean, PhD candidate.
      October 2017:  Recruitment of Paulo Juarez, PhD as R&D Manager
      September 2016:  Recruitment of Elise Ponçot as Laboratory Technician
      June 2016:  Creation of the Cellular Biology platform
      July 2015:  Obtaining the CIR (Research tax credit) agreement
      April 2015:  Certified with ISO 9001:2008
      January 2015:  Recruitment of Marjorie Robert-Nicoud, Research Associate, Customer Service Manager
      April 2014:  Creation of SMALTIS in Besançon

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